North America

Due to the availability of products in the country and poor demand from both the domestic and international markets, the VAE Redispersible Powder Prices declined throughout the fourth quarter of 2022. According to market sources, traders were receiving cheaper shipments as a result of the global pessimism surrounding the recession, particularly in the USA and Europe. Additionally, despite the festive holidays, demand remained weak, and traders already had ample cargo for December. However, several raw material prices were seen to be rising due to temporary shortages induced after polar storm Elliot that affected some parts of the country but didn't affect the price trend of VAE Redispersible Powder. 



Sodium Silicate, like other commodities, had a fall in price on the Asian market in Q4 2022. According to the data, the price of VAE Redispersible Powder effectively decreased in line with the decline of its raw material Vinyl Acetate Monomer Price. The pricing dynamics of various commodities, including VAE Redispersible Powder in the Chinese market this quarter, have been impacted by the abundance of product supply in the nation. Additionally, dealers had sufficient product supply to meet all domestic and international market demands. The product's demand continued to be moderate, and in November, compared to earlier months, there was a slight improvement. However, the product's wide availability prevented any favorable price variance throughout the nation.


Low demand from the downstream construction industry declined VAE Redispersible Powder prices again this quarter. Low energy prices in the region are another major factor that drives the market. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) market declined 15% in December 2022 due to lower heating needs and robust gas supplies in Europe; no energy shortage was noticed at this time. As a result, the cost of a number of goods, such as VAE Redispersible Powder, effectively dropped and stayed low throughout the quarter. A considerable decline in activity was seen in the construction sector for a number of reasons, including poor purchase orders, recessionary concern, and the onset of the winter season's cyclical slowdown.

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