The roadmap becomes a .NET Developer

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Many people ask me how to become a .NET Developer, so this article will show you the steps to become a .NET Developer and what do you need to learn?

Become .NET Developer, what will you do?

First we need to talk about the target position we want to reach. Programmers (also known as developers) are one of the very hot jobs today. What is special is that it is one of the jobs that are easy to get a job and have good income if you have good qualifications and good attitude. Those are the two prerequisites that must be included in a programmer if you want to survive and grow in the profession.

In general, programming is divided into many different categories such as computer application programming, web application programming, mobile application programming, game programming, embedded programming and control ... Here in In this article, I will talk about Desktop application programming and web application programming, the work that you will do when you become a true .NET Developer.

On the opportunity for a .NET Developer is also very much because Microsoft is a leading technology corporation so the developer community and software services, the tools are extremely modern and developed often. In addition, Microsoft also has a large number of business customers, so businesses will need a lot of developers to build applications for businesses using .NET. Since Microsoft changed its business direction and has more open minded, the new .NET Core platform since 2016 has been open source and runs on systems other than Windows, it is a new development. help pull more developers into developing their platform, many businesses use Microsoft Cloud services.

In the new developer perspective, you can always learn .NET Core and ASP.NET Core because it is the future of .NET. Microsoft will focus on developing this platform that is considered to be faster than the old .NET Framework and also gradually stabilized and more complete. At the developer perspective, it is not much different from programming languages ​​only about the feature, so if anyone from the old .NET Framework moved to Core, it is also very fast and if studying at .NET Core is also okay.

So the job of a .NET programmer is to develop applications on Windows computers or web applications using mainly .NET technology from Microsoft, the world's largest software giant. .

What do you need to prepare?

So with these advantages and opportunities, what do you need to prepare to become a .NET programmer:

For you are a student: If you are an IT student, you must have taken a course in Data Structures and Algorithms, which is the foundation for your programming thinking. If you study this subject well, you will be able to confidently learn C# and .NET basics.

For those who are working but are doing other technologies that want to switch to .NET: You can learn C# and .NET right away so you can get familiar with C# and .NET components.

In addition, you need to equip English reading comprehension skills to read documents and look up solutions when encountering bugs or issues with your work. So your ability to solve problems will be much faster.

Which steps?

1. C# and .NET are basically the subject after the foundation of general computing students at school because C# is the main and most popular language in the .NET platform. In basic C# you will learn syntax, base libraries in .NET and other support libraries like LinQ ...etc

2. You then need to have the knowledge and skills of relational database management SQL Server and SQL language to work with SQL databases.

3. If you choose to follow Web Developer you need to learn 3 basic subjects: HTML, CSS and Javascript,

4. Then improve you need to learn the two most popular libraries of Javascript and HTML, JQuery and Bootstrap, because they are all used to this, not very often using basic Javascript and basic HTML.

5. Then you choose to follow ASP.NET if you are a web developer, if you choose Windows Forms Application you don't need to learn step 3 but step 4 is always learning Windows Forms Application. With this step 5, you will work with SQL Database or another type of database through connected libraries like ADO.NET Provider or Entity Framework.

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