North America

Enoxaparin Sodium Prices in North America showed a stable trend during the 4th quarter of 2022. Enoxaparin Sodium imports were halted during the first week of October due to China's Golden Week holiday. Given the substantial product inventories, domestic suppliers were able to meet the demand for the majority of the quarter, and up until this point, offtakes in the end-user industries continued to be normal. The unanticipated increase in Covid cases in China caused a pattern shift in the market for Enoxaparin Sodium at the conclusion of the quarter. The broken supply chain did, however, gradually heal as the economy expanded, and there was a major decrease in port backlog in December.

Asia Pacific

In Q4 of 2022, Enoxaparin Sodium Prices in the Asia Pacific region during the fourth quarter of 2022 were stable. From October to December, FOB Shenzhen prices slightly decreased in China, going from $24955000 per MT to $24985000 per MT. Due to the closure of manufacturing facilities for the Golden Week, the first week of October saw a steady fall in Enoxaparin Sodium orders for China's API market. It was challenging for the market to catch up to the slight growth seen in some downstream businesses because Chinese traders had to deal with various conflicting signals after a one-week break, but strong demand kept the market afloat. Chinese suppliers and producers were able to meet the entire quarter's demand thanks to ample supplies there. The administration amended its zero-Covid rules in response to criticism and significant unrest in the nation in December, leaving it vulnerable again.


The market for Enoxaparin Sodium in the European region matched the trend in North America and showed steady market sentiments. Due to the unexpected rise in COVID cases, which resulted in a continuous fall in demand, international demand was higher in the first part of the quarter than it was in December. Nevertheless, the circumstances in Russia and Ukraine, as well as COVID-19 cases, all continued to have a negative effect on the overall market.

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