In interpreting and applying labor law, the court considers the parties' bargaining circumstances of the parties and the spirit of protecting the worker's vehicle class from the harshness of the employer. It's been needed on both sides.

The origins and history of Labour Law in India probably began in the 1860s, when a Bombay factory in 1872 drew public attention to the dire working conditions in the factory. As a result, the Factories Act was first enacted in 1881, amended several times, and finally took shape in 1948, now called the Factories Act, 1948. Employer benefits for two workers. Industrial workers were granted social security in the form of the ESI Act of 1948 [Employees' National Insurance Act], but through the adoption of certain ILO [International Labor Organization] More social security was provided in the form of the Persons Compensation Act. 1927.


Finally, other labor laws are evolving for reasons and purposes that ultimately aim to protect workers' interests ultimately aimed at protecting the interests of workers. Each function in the context of personnel management is subject to national labor laws. Therefore, HR managers must be diligent and careful while performing the tasks regulated by the labor law in question. It is the duty of the HR manager to assess whether a particular role complies with the labor law in question. For the sake of clarity, below we explicitly mention which personnel functions are or are subject to which labor laws. Below are some of the labor laws enacted for specific purposes and all industrial establishments and other manufacturing organizations mentioned in the labor law must comply with what the labor law requires. Otherwise, such organizations will be held liable for the criminal acts of the courts.

A list of the most important HR functions and their underlying legal provisions

  • Recruitment and Sampling
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Reward Compensation
  • Health, safety and welfare measures
  • Maintaining working relations, codes of conduct and discipline.