North America

In Q1 2023, the Natural Gas Prices in the US showcased a bearish price trend in the succeeding months. Falling Henry Hub Natural Gas cost with declining dry Natural Gas production came about in slow than-anticipated growth in US Natural Gas production. On 22nd Feb, the Freeport LNG exports terminal came into a function but unexpectedly canceled some cargoes due to a problem with one of its three liquefaction trains, raising fears that operations might take longer than expected. In March, the price of Natural Gas in the USA declined to USD 2.45 per MMBtu Ex-Louisiana. The trade volume of Natural Gas shrunk this quarter, which affected the profit margin and sales among the significant producers.

Asia Pacific

Prices continued to follow a declining trend with limited consumption and adequate product inventories. In China, the Natural Gas price slumped to its lowest during March 2023 with the price trend of 2.48/MMBtu Ex-Shanghai. China's import of Liquefied Natural Gas Prices drooped as the region sloped up domestic production, and pipeline imports brought about product stockpiling. Unexpectedly mild weather and adequate product in storage volumes constrained the producers to bring down their cost pattern this quarter. The decline in Natural Gas consumption from downstream power generation and heating equipment has also adversely affected the price trend. In Feb 2023, the momentum in trading of Natural Gas markets swung away from Europe and back to Asia; however, the unobtrusive increase in demand was not sufficient to elevate spot costs.


The Natural Gas prices remained on the lower end this quarter, with weak benchmark futures for February and March 2023. Towards the end of the quarter, Gas storage tanks in Europe were 56% full and were being used by downstream industries. Industries started to increase the consumption of Natural Gas, indicating which indicated a promising sign that petrochemical ventures are stepping up their demand. Nevertheless, the recovery in the industrial production units was slow. In March 2023, the price of Natural Gas in Germany slipped to Euro 44.31/ MW-hr. The demand for Natural Gas from the downstream power generation and heating equipment declined, and the European market players struggled with adequate inventories and increasing costs for storage containers.

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