While employment litigation was not particularly common a few years ago, the situation is rapidly changing in India. In employment lawsuit issues, we have represented a number of clients. Advising clients on litigation strategy, drafting and issuing legal notices, responding to legal notices, drafting claim documents, representing clients before labour courts and high courts, and coordinating with local counsel to pursue litigation in the appropriate courts across India are all part of our services.


Litigation and ADR

Corporate litigation differs from most other forms of lawsuits in that it is a risky venture. Corporate litigation is more than just a case of one company suing another. It also encompasses any legal processes involving a firm or corporation, as well as efforts used to avoid litigation as well as litigating and resolving commercial disputes.

We offer a well-developed Litigation and ADR Practice Group with seasoned management and o associates and litigators that aid clients with strategic decision-making in litigation and ADR cases. The skilled attorneys with in-house advocacy knowledge serve clients in a variety of forums across the country, including the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, several High Courts, and Tribunals.

We have gained an in-depth understanding of many law topics as a result of our experience across various practice groups. Commercial disputes, recovery processes, and property disputes are the emphasis of the Practice Group. Our extensive expertise has allowed us to obtain a thorough understanding of a variety of legal issues. Commercial disputes, recovery processes, property disputes, violation of intellectual property rights, constitutional issues, service issues, banking claims, insolvency, white-collar crimes, and other conflicts