I am subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I am curious to know if you have any tutorials/videos that I may have missed regarding VB scripting. What I am interested in learning is how do I create a VB script that can import 2 spreadsheets (xls or csv), creates a VLookup from one spreadsheet to the other, and then exports the data into a new spreadsheet. Basically, it would mimic what Python Pandas can do. I have written a code in Python Pandas to do just that. However, I am going to need to create it using VB. The EXE I created from the Python script takes close to a min to execute. I do not know why it is taking that long. I think it has to do with our company's security settings on the PC. The Python script executes immediately, but the EXE is the issue. If I can get the EXE to execute like the .py script does, then I would be good to go. Alternatively, I would need to learn how to do it in VB. I am having a hard time finding anything online as to how to code this in VB. Please let me know if you have any videos on this subject. Thank you. I appreciate it!