In the virtual world that has been established as our new normal, wireless network does take an important role.

With wireless networks taking such an important role and gaining in priority we also need to catch up with the millions of passwords of various wi-fi networks we get connected to, via our device.

If you do not have the password written anywhere, you can always retrieve it with the new features on Windows 10.

Whether it is the password to a wireless network you are connected to now or the password to the one you were connected to in the past. You can easily check wifi password on Windows 10 with any of the following three methods.

Method 1: How to See Wi-Fi Password on windows 10 (Through Windows Settings)

This step is efficient but only works, when your Windows 10 device is connected to the wireless network.

  • Step: 1
    Click the Windows logo on the bottom left corner or a search button. You can also click the Windows button on your keyboard.
  • Step:2
    Once you locate the search bar, search for wi-fi settings, and click open.
    step1- know wifi password
  • Step
    Once you have it opened, scroll down to see Related settings, which has 4 options. Click on the option that reads Network and Sharing Centre.step 2- find wifi password
  • Step:4
    This will open to a page saying View your basic network information and set up connections. You will find the name of your Wi-Fi network beside the option connections, on the right side of the Window. Select the name of your Wi-Fi network.
    How to see hidden pass
  • Step:5
    This will show you the Wi-Fi status, where you will select wireless properties in the new box that opens.
    How to see hide pass
  • Step:6
    Go to the security tab that is situated beside the connection tab, at the top of the window.
    wifi password check
  • Step:7
    Scroll down in the Security tab, and finally click on the show characters option. This option will change the dots in the network security key box, to show the characters of your password.
  • Step:8
    Now, select “ok” once you have checked the Wi-Fi password.

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Method 2: How to Check Wi-Fi Password With the help of Password Finder Program

A free third party program is the easiest way to search for wi-fi passwords. The app will do the work for you, and you will not have to search manually. However, it only shows the passwords you had used to connect with the network and does not contain the changed passwords.

  • Step:1 Search for a third-party app, that is free and efficient, like Wi-Fi Password Revealer. Go into the site and click on the blue download button.
    how to see wifi password
  • Step:2 Once the download is completed, select Open. This will open the file on your browser.
  • Step You can choose the language in which you want the directions or the app to function. Select the desired language, like English, and click “ok”, to give permission.
    check wifi password
  • Step:4 A tab will open showing license agreement. Select “I accept the agreement” and click next, to move on the next step and give permission to the app.
    find my wifi
  • Step:5 Before getting installed the app will also want to know your storage preferences. You will need to select the destination location to save the folder, and it requires a space of 6.6MB disk space. Once you have selected your desired location, click next.
    know my wifi
  • Step:6 You will be directed to a tab that reads select additional tasks that you want the setup to perform during the process of installation. Click next once you have chosen.
    read my wifi
  • Step:7 Finally, click install when you are sure of your choices.
    see hidden wifi
  • Step:8 Click finish once the program has been successfully installed into your PC or laptop.
    find hidden wifi password
  • Step:9 When you open the third party app, after installation, it will reveal all the networks your Windows device has been previously connected with. Moreover, it will also successfully show the passwords to each of these networks.
    step 8 - see wifi password

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Method 3: How to See Wi-Fi Password Using CMD

For people who are comfortable with computers and are extremely in sync with their functioning abilities, they can always check the wi-fi password by establishing a simple command line. You can also use the easy command-line tool built into Windows 10 to enable quick search of wi-fi passwords.

  • Step:1 Search for the Command Prompt app on the Windows 10. You can click the Windows logo in the left-hand bottom, or also search in the search bar provided.
  • Step:2 Right-click on the app or click (Window + R) and write CMD than run as administrator.
    cmd see wifi password
  • Step Type this CMD “NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE”. Remember this command to get the perfect output.
    cmd know your wifi
  • Step:4 This will show you a list of all the previously connected wireless networks for your device.
  • Step:5 Once you have successfully got the wi-fi password you were looking for, type another command. This command reads as, “NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE [wifi-name] key=clear”. After that scroll down and in the security settings, front Key Content, you can see your password.
    cmd get your wifi

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In the digital world, with a mountain of passwords, it is difficult to remember each one of them. Thus, when you are already struggling with keeping up with all the bank passwords, mobile passwords and others, this article will help you when wi-fi passwords slip out of your mind. Follow either of the three methods mentioned above and get the password you were looking for, your job done easily.

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