Hey Guys, In this article you will learn How to share your YouTube Link in Instagram Story and Bio.

Instagram is an American social networking application that the world is quite aware of.

Owned by Facebook, the site holds about 1 billion active users monthly. And nearly 25 millions of these active accounts are business profiles, i.e., they are used to carry out or spread various businesses.

Since social media became a known subject, it has been a common thing to use it as a platform to carry out or spread the news about our businesses.

Apart from the stated, another facility that the platform provides is sharing links of various websites, products, YouTube channels, etc., not only in Insta page bio but also in our stories.

So, today we are going to focus on how to add a link to our Instagram stories and who all are eligible to do that.

How to add YouTube Channel links to Instagram Bio

Most of us know how to add YouTube Channel links to Instagram Bio, but for those who are new to the platform, let’s have a look into the steps.

Available to every user, this feature can be easily accessed by following the steps mentioned below:

Step:1 Open the Instagram app.

Step:2 Once opened, at the bottom right of the app, a profile edit option will be available.

Step By clicking on the option of the App will take us to our profile where we will find an option stating “edit your profile“.

Step:4 From the said option, we will be allowed to edit our bios and add a link that either belongs to our websites or YouTube channels, or products, etc.

Step:5 After we have completed filling up our bios along with the link, all we have to do is to click on the “done” option.

The required link will be saved in our bios and anybody can access it by visiting our profile.

Now, moving forward to the tricky part;

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Share or Add a YouTube link to Instagram Story

According to reports, on average, a person spends about 28 minutes on Instagram daily. But what’s the benefit of it if one can’t use the time productively on the platform?

Well, you can if you know how to.

Instagram comes with a feature using which one can share multiple links in their stories, which can be easily accessed by others just with the help of a simple swipe up!

This feature can help people in spreading their businesses, spread out the news about their art pages, or about their YouTube channels.

But, the feature comes with a twist.

Eligibility to add YouTube Video link in Instagram Story

There is an eligibility criterion for accessing the said feature.

As users often ask this, let’s clear the doubt before we get into how we share the link.

Instagram indeed offers its users with the feature of sharing links in their stories, but only to those accounts which have at least 10k followers on their Instagram Account or if one has a verified account that comes with a blue tick.

All the users who want to add youtube links in Instagram story without being verified, they can’t add without follow the above process. 

Until and unless a user passes either or both of the marks, Instagram doesn’t let them avail the discussed feature, no matter what.

And we should remember, this is also a recent development, as before this, only the verified accounts were able to use the swipe up and no one else.

So, for those who are wondering how to avail the feature, you can always apply to have your accounts verified. But remember, Instagram is still the jury.

Now, that all is said and done, let’s look into how to do the deed.

(Step by Step) The process to Insert YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Step:1 Copy the YouTube Video link you are so eager to share on your Instagram stories to the clipboard.

Step:2  Now open the Instagram app and click on the ‘add stories‘ option.

Step  Before adding a link, we need a background for our stories. So like we usually do, add a picture or video from the gallery to serve as the background.

Step:4  Now the main part. Look for the link option, and after selecting the option, paste the link that you copied earlier.

Step:5  Once you are done pasting the link, find the ‘done‘ option on your screen and click on it.

Step:6  Take a look to see if everything is done right and post it.

Step:7  Once it is uploaded, you might once check if everything is working properly, after all, you wouldn’t expect it abruptly fails with your first swipe up story!

And it’s done, as simple as that.

Happy spreading your business!

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