Icelandair Airlines provides significant facilities for customer service when you book and cancel your flight ticket online. If you want to get specific advice and help to make the hour flight journey perfect, you can dial Icelandair customer service at 1-800-223-5500 and share your travel concern to get the answer smoothly. Book your flight ticket on the booking website or contact a travel agent and expect a specific facility to solve the issue.

How do I contact Icelandair customer service?

When you connect with a travel agent and willing to share your concern, you are required to go through the contact resources. Find convenient to contact Icelandair customer service team that is free to assist you promptly. To get smooth guidance, go through the process below.

Use email to contact customer service at Icelandair:

Use email service to contact to Icelandair representative who is free to assist you when you need travel assistance. Send your travel concern to [email protected] and wait for the solution conveniently.

Use email to contact customer service at Icelandair:

Get a live chat service to share your travel concern at Icelandair and find solutions promptly. To use the live chat service, you may go through the method below.

·         First, visit the booking website of Icelandair booking website and go to the contact us section showing below.

·         Go to the services and queries and select the contact option and scroll down to the bottom and choose live chat service.

·         Select the services and queries and get the answer on the live chat after entering the reference number and last and first name of the passengers.

You can also use a social media services and share your concern to Icelandair customer service at Facebook,, Instagram, 

Twitter and get the correct answer from a representative smoothly.