North America

The Itraconazole Prices in the North American region fluctuated in the fourth quarter of 2022. Prices started to rise in Q4 2022 and kept growing due to high manufacturing costs, numerous logistical problems, and rising inflation through the second month of the fourth quarter. Growing transportation costs and congestion at the key ports also helped maintain the market position. Furthermore, confusion and a slowdown in API output due to rising energy prices had a favorable effect on the market. Prices begin to decrease later in December as a result of falling inflation and decreasing end-user sector demand as the holiday season approaches. Towards the termination of Q4 2022, the prices of itraconazole API accessed at USD 366560/MT with an average quarterly inclination of 0.12%.


The Asia Pacific region experienced generally unchanged market sentiments for the itraconazole API during the fourth quarter of 2022. Due to strong demand from downstream pharmaceutical businesses, prices started to rise steadily at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Zero-covid policies and the installation of lockdowns both had an impact on the market environment. Later, as Q4 2022's second month got underway, lower production costs, sufficient stockpiles, and a strong supply caused the itraconazole API price trajectory to exhibit a stable trend. The domestic market was also sustained by steady end-user demand. Towards the termination of Q4 2022, the itraconazole API market prices were recoded as USD 345200/MT FOB Shanghai with an average quarterly inclination of 0.53%.


Itraconazole pricing in the European region exhibited a see-saw trend in the fourth quarter of 2022. The demand for itraconazole API in the pharmaceutical industry's downstream market was seen to be steady. In the first two months of Q4 2022, price increases were caused by the continuous port congestion and supply disruption in the European region. The trend of itraconazole was also impacted by increased freight costs. However, due to a decline in inflation, relief from port congestion, and a small amount of inventory held by domestic retailers, prices fell significantly in the month of December. Towards the termination of Q3 2022, the Itraconazole API market prices were recoded as USD 371820/MT CFR Hamburg with an average quarterly inclination of 0.12%.

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