North America

The North American market for Atenolol Prices witnessed turbulence during the fourth quarter of 2022. Due to high manufacturing costs, numerous logistical challenges, and increasing inflation, prices started to rise in Q4 2022 and continued to do so throughout the second month of the fourth quarter, with values accessed at USD 47650/MT CFR New York. Rising transportation costs and port congestion at the main ports also helped to keep the market situation positive. In addition, the market situation improved due to the decrease in API output driven by higher energy prices. Later in December, prices started to drop due to easing inflation and a drop in end-user sector demand as the holiday season drew near. In December, the Atenolol API settlement price fell to USD 46355/MT CFR in New York.


The fourth quarter of 2022 was extremely volatile for the Asia Pacific Atenolol Prices industry. It was observed that rising end-user sector demand, several logistical difficulties, and rising inflation would cause prices to increase through the second month of the quarter. The prices accessed at the termination of the second month of Q4 were USD 40870/MT FOB Shanghai. Due to growing production costs driven by rising energy prices as well as increased domestic production to meet demand from both domestic and international markets, the market remained competitive. The strict zero covid regulations and frequent lockdowns in the Chinese regions have influenced the market. As domestic retailers had enough inventory by the end of December, the prices suddenly declined with the settlement price of USD 39655/MT FOB Shanghai.


Prices of Atenolol API fluctuated across the European region during the fourth quarter of 2022. It was observed that there was a consistent demand for Atenolol API in the pharmaceutical industry's downstream market. In the first two months of Q4 022, supply disruption and persistent port congestion in the European region led to price increases. Due to the impending Christmas season and the need to get ready for upcoming orders, retailers in Europe have decided to refill their inventories significantly. However, prices fell sharply in December due to a decline in inflation, relief from port congestion, and a minor increase in merchants' current stocks. The cost of Atenolol API was USD 48555/MT CFR Hamburg toward the end of Q4 2022

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