DEAR MADAM, I really want to thank you for your effort in giving such neat and clear well-thought tutorials. I have been using your tutorials for so long. thank you. I have one question to ask if it is okay for you. In the tutorial about DevExpress Tutorial - Fluent Design Form , assume we have two user controls named (ucCustomerEntry & ucCustomerView) the first one is a form to enter the details of the customer, the details are entered to a table in the database called customer. the second usercontrol is just a grid control to display the records the table customer . I have used entity framework to handle the crud with the database (Just as you explained in your tutorial). But what happens is assume we enter a record in the ucCustomerEntry form, after that if ucCustomerView is loaded for the first time (the user controls are dynamically loaded just as in your tutorial)  you see the entered record in the ucCustomerView girdcontrol. However if the ucCustomerView is displayed for the second time (ie if it is already loaded and only we bring it to the front) the changes are not reflected eventhough the record is properly inserted to the database. So in short can you tell me how to implement  that (ie I want what i entered in the ucCustomerEntry usercontrol to be automatically be seen in the ucCustomerView user control even if ucCustomerView is displayed for the second time by bringing it to the front of the screen.) thank you very much for this, i hope you understand my question , sorry my english is terrible