An array represents a fixed number of variables of a particular type. You can create an array with square brackets after the element type

char[] letters = new char[5];

You can also assign data to an array

letters[0] = 'c'; 
letters[1] = 's';
letters[2] = 'h';
letters[3] = 'a'; 
letters[4] = 'r'; 
letters[5] = 'p';

To declare and initialize an array you can write as shown below

char[] letters = new char[] {'c','s','h','a','r','p'}; 

or simply

char[] letters = {'c','s','h','a','r','p'};

To get a value of an array you can access a particular element by position

Console.WriteLine (letters[0]);//c

or can use a for loop statement to iterate through each element in the array

for (int i = 0; i < letters.Length; i++) {
    Console.Write (letters[i]);//csharp

or you can also use the foreach loop to access elements of an array

foreach (var c in letters) {
    Console.Write (c);//csharp