Missing a flight can be a stressful experience, but knowing the airline's policies and procedures can help alleviate some of that anxiety. British Airways has specific guidelines in place to handle missed flights, ensuring a fair and streamlined process for their passengers. Let's explore the various aspects of the British Airways missed flight policy in detail.+1-860-498-9674

What Happens if You Miss Your British Airways Flight?

Upon missing your British Airways missed flight flight, it's crucial to take immediate action to mitigate the impact and seek possible remedies. Here's what you should do if you find yourself in this situation:


  1. Inform the Airline: As soon as you realise you won't make your flight, notify British Airways staff or the nearest customer service desk. Be prepared to provide them with your booking details and explain the reason for missing your flight.

  2. Reschedule or Rebook: Depending on the availability of alternative flights, British Airways may allow you to reschedule your journey or provide you with the option to rebook for a later date. However, keep in mind that this is subject to availability and fare conditions.

  3. Additional Charges: If you need to make changes to your flight due to a missed departure, additional charges may apply. British Airways' missed flight policy states that passengers are responsible for any fare differences, taxes, or fees that may arise when rescheduling or rebooking.

  4. Travel Insurance Coverage: Review your travel insurance policy to determine if it covers missed flights. Depending on the circumstances and the coverage provided, you may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses.